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About me

I'm Fabio Aiello. Born and raised in Munich, I am a state-certified physiotherapist (manual and sports physiotherapist) and, above all, a passionate wrestler wrestling coach. At the age of 6
I was actively standing on a wrestling mat for the first time. ​ My greatest sporting successes include multiple state championship titles in youth and adult divisions, a German runner-up title, as well as several top 5 placements in German individual championships in youth and junior divisions. I ended my sporting career as a wrestler in the second Bundesliga at Sc Isaria Unterföhring due to injuries and surgeries. However, my greatest success during my active time was the realization that I really burned for something and developed a passion.It is COACHING !!! Today I have found my personal passion as a coach and would like to share the fascination of wrestling with all people who have an affinity for martial arts and strive to constantly improve, learn and develop. ​ Through my professional background, I know the motor processes of the human body and have made it my task to combine this knowledge with the technical requirements of wrestling. The enormous versatility and individuality of wrestling has fascinated me for a long time and always motivates me to improve myself and others. I see the shared exchange, learning from and with one another as the basis for this.


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